God's Infinite Love

God's Infinite Love

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Before we came to Earth, we were presented with a plan that would offer peace, hope, and love, as well as the opportunity to live with our Heavenly Parents again. We rejoiced when we heard this plan. However, upon coming to Earth, a veil was placed over our minds and we forgot what we were taught in Heaven.

Out of God’s love for us, He sent His Son to die for us, and to help us remember the way home. We read that Christ atoned for our sins and that through His Atonement we can receive a remission of our sins, but the question is, do we believe that He can heal us? Do we believe that the Atonement can be so personal as to heal our own wounds?

My answer to you is YES. The Atonement is a personal experience, and so is the Saviors invitation to “Come (insert your name here), follow me.” I testify that we can have our own moment with Christ, and that we can come to know Him personally, just like He knows us personally.

- Tyler Rickenbach, A Moment With Christ

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