Believe. Love. Do.

Believe. Love. Do.

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“I haven’t shared this image before, but looking at it, I’m reminded of something I learned long ago; if we only understood how merciful God is, we would have more hope. As the primary song goes, “we live in a world where people are confused,” but with the gospel of Jesus Christ, that confusion goes away. If we put Christ in the center of our lives, our lives will be less crowded and we learn to love Him and want to follow Him even more. We are promised that if we keep His commandments, we will prosper in the land, but we will also come to know how merciful He is to those who want to follow Him. May we all choose to believe, love and do.” - Tyler Rickenbach, A Moment With Christ

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All Fine Art Prints are printed on a deep velvet matte with a non-reflective surface, giving the print a soft velvety feel. 

Additional or custom sizes are available upon request.